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Perfectionism has never been a word that I would have said applies to me only until very recently threw some incredible people sharing their message and there genius was I able to have a serious break through. This breakthrough was only able to happen when I became aware that ___ is standing in my way I can call this a root or a block I can give it any groovy name but what I became aware of was that yes I am a perfectionist . Where was I a perfectionist in my business I was such a perfectionist with building this business this is where it was showing up in my life. Where is it coming from I needed to dig a little bit deeper, perfectionism now I understand FOUND IT My not feeling good enough I needed to feel it needed to be perfect I need it to be polished I needed my business to look polished because all of that was a reflection of what I was feeling inside, which was I Andrea Brunswick do you not feel capable, worthy, deserving. I love when I allow the staff to surface makes the removal so much easier creating that space trusting.

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